Inspecting your fence frequently is important to ensure that it is in good condition. While it is an attractive feature of a house, it must be well-built and maintained. Fences don’t break down all at once; they typically deteriorate gradually over many years. Here are five signs indicating you really need Natural Concepts Fence Repair Services in Queen Anne.

5 Indicators You Need Natural Concepts Fence Repair Services in Queen Anne

1.     Damage from an Accident

Sometimes, the accident is so severe that the damage to your fence cannot be repaired. For example, a vehicle collision or a falling tree can seriously harm your fence. If it has been destroyed by a significant weather event or accident, you will probably need to call Natural Concepts Fence Repair Services in Queen Anne.

2.     Natural Damage

If you see small holes in your fence, the damage is caused by decay, insects, wildlife, or microorganisms. These typically happen in wooden fences, whereas metal ones are mostly exposed to rust and corrosion. When these signs appear, there’s quite a chance that there is far more serious damage inside the fence than what is visible from outside.

Termites and other pests can seriously harm wood, leaving it brittle and feeble. Moreover, rust can weaken and degrade the metal fence, leaving it more vulnerable to damage.

3.     Broken or Missing Boards

One of the easiest ways to tell if your fence needs to be repaired is if any boards are broken or missing. This may weaken the structure of your fence and reduce the level of security and the capability to survive any climatic condition like rainfall, snow, or storms. Professionals suggest that several cracks and missing boards are an obvious indication that it’s time to replace your fence.

4.     Discoloration

Fence discoloration may indicate aging or deterioration. Rain, snow, and sun exposure can fade and change the natural color of the fence. If you have a wooden fence and you notice a gray or yellow stain, the wood has begun to rot or mold. In regions that receive a lot of rain, this issue is frequent. If you see noticeable fading in the wood, it’s an obvious indication that you need Natural Concepts Fence Repair Services in Queen Anne.

5.     Leaning Fences

A sagging fence may indicate instability or damage. Regretfully, straightening the fence again won’t make it stop leaning. Leaning is the initial indication of further problems and is typically brought on by weakening the posts.

Leaning fence planks can crack or deform, eventually resulting in more serious damage. This is a warning that leaning fences are dangerous and do not provide privacy and security.

Final Thoughts

Inspecting your fences is important. If you see these five signs in your fence, know that it’s time to have them repaired by experts. Remember, installing high-quality fencing increases your property’s value and provides both security and visual appeal. If you are looking for experienced Natural Concepts Fence Repair Services in Queen Anne, reach out to us! Whether you wish to repair your existing fence or want to install a new one, give us a call.

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