Having fencing is essential for your animal whether you have pets or livestock. Proper fencing makes all the difference in guaranteeing the protection and security of your animals. If you already have one but it’s in bad shape, your fence might be facing one of the following issues and require urgent services from Natural Concepts for split rail repair in Bethlehem.

4 Critical Issues Addressed by Natural Concepts for Split Rail Repair in Bethlehem

1.     Broken or Damaged Boards

You should replace your fence’s planks when you notice signs of damage probably because of an accident or weather deterioration. These missing or broken boards can create gaps, giving enough space for your pet to crawl through them. Moreover, these damages might create pointy edges or corners that can injure your pet.

2.     Your Fence is Leaning

Your fence is most likely on the verge of collapsing if it’s in a sloppy shape or tilting from one side. There is a chance that your fence might fall on you or your pet while they are playing in the yard. If you see drooping or tilting, your fence may show signs of wear or corrosion. In this case, it is necessary to seek help from Natural Concepts for split rail repair in Bethlehem before the problem worsens and your fence leaves out completely.

3.     Insect Damage

One of the most important fence problems, especially with wood fences, is insect damage. You must take precautions when building your fence to keep insects from penetrating the wood and inflicting significant harm. This would weaken the structure and pave the way for your pet to crawl through them.

It is recommended to look for tiny holes, chewing, or bores in the fence to identify insect damage. These signals mean that insects are living in your fence, and if you don’t do something about it right away, they will keep eating away at the wood. Seeking assistance from Natural Concepts for split rail repair in Bethlehem will help eliminate the insects or the affected boards from spreading allergies and respiratory issues.

4.     Dogs Digging

Many dogs have a habit of digging in the ground, be it to hide bones or toys, or maybe they actually do enjoy digging this much. Whatever the case, frequent digging along the fences can weaken their bases. This will result in them easily falling because of strong winds, storms, or heavy snowfall.

You can’t stop your dog from digging, but you can take essential measures to prevent your fence from collapsing. This can be achieved by reinforcing the base of the fence. The experts at Natural Concepts for split rail repair in Bethlehem can assist you with this issue so your pet can enjoy its digging without compromising the security of the fence.

Final Thoughts

It is important to have a strong and heightened fence to protect and safeguard your animals. A proper and sturdy fence will create boundaries preventing them from escaping or jumping over the fence. Still confused about your fencing repair? Reach out to Natural Concepts for split rail repair in Bethlehem. Discuss your project with us today!

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