Do you want to protect your construction site from sediments and soil erosion? This can be achieved by using a silt fence. However, it’s important to understand that simply placing a silt fence on the construction site is not sufficient. It must be properly installed to effectively prevent dirt and sediments from entering nearby water bodies. Many people believe that DIY is the way to go and that hiring silt fencing construction services in Betterton is expensive and pointless. However, just because everyone says something doesn’t make it right. So today, we will compare both options to help you make an informed decision.

Silt Fencing Construction Services in Betterton


1.      Fence Materials

One of the best things about hiring silt fencing construction services in Betterton is that they have access to quality silt fences. Basically, their fences are made from high-quality geotextile fabrics that effectively filter dirt and soil and let water pass. They will offer you both woven and non-woven versions so you can choose the one that suits your construction site best.

2.      Knowledge and Professionalism

Hiring experts means gaining access to their experience. They have the necessary training and experience to understand soil types, terrain, and weather conditions. By assessing these factors, they ensure that fences are installed at the right depth, with the correct tension, and at strategic locations to maximize sediment control.

3.      Proper Installation

During installation, contractors dig a trench around the perimeter to insert the cloth and fasten it with anchors. This system halts the flow of water from the construction site, allowing sediments to settle in the silt fence. Additionally, they install the fence deep into the ground to ensure that it remains upright and effective even during heavy rains and strong winds. They also use best practices such as overlapping fabric and securing joints.


1.      Availability

The only problem with hiring silt fencing construction services in Betterton is that you’ll then have to work around their availability and schedule. This dependency can sometimes lead to delays, especially if the experts are busy.

DIY Installation Method


1.      It’s Cheap – Initially Only

DIY is often a more affordable option. However, we have also mentioned “initially only” for a reason. Although the DIY kits and materials are cost-effective, poor and inaccurate installation can lead to the fence shifting or leaning over time.


2.      Poor Installation

DIY means not having access to proper material or knowing installation techniques. Just shoving down the fence post will not work. This can lead to gaps in the fence, which will eventually result in insufficient soil retention.

3.      Challenges

You cannot achieve precision and effectiveness through DIY installation due to a lack of tools. This means that over time, your fence will start sagging and will eventually collapse completely.

4.      Durability Issues

Inadequate installation means that the silt fence won’t be able to withstand heavy rainfall or strong winds. It will become damaged and ineffective.

Bottom Line

Silt fences have become of utmost importance in construction. No matter how big or small the site is, the wise decision is to hire silt fencing construction services in Betterton. This will give you peace of mind that your fence is functional and is trapping and controlling runoff soil.

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