Natural disasters are unpredictable. Wind, hail, and rain can cause a great deal of damage, fracturing boards, loosening posts, and even destroying the fence system. It takes the right knowledge and experience to fix such damage. To safeguard your property, here are some preventative measures you can use provided by Natural Concepts fence repair services in Bethlehem.

Battling the Storm: Tips by Natural Concepts Fence Repair Services in Bethlehem

1.     Inspect and Repair

When storm-proofing your fence, one of the first things you should do is inspect the posts and support beams for any damage or looseness.  During a storm, you don’t want any of your fence’s posts to break off and seriously harm your house or people standing nearby. If you notice that one of the posts in your fence is loose, make every effort to bury it back into the earth. Professionals suggest that any badly damaged posts must be replaced right away.

2.     Remove Weak Branches

Trimming or removing any loose or overhanging branches, especially those that are dangerously close to fencing, is advisable. If your yard collects a lot of debris around your fence, it might damage it. Since wood has always been prone to rot and insect infestation, experts at Natural Concepts fence repair services in Bethlehem advise routine cleaning in the area around your fencing.

3.     Secure Loose Parts

Inspect the perimeter of your fence to identify any parts that may be loose. Utilize a screwdriver or wrench to secure screws, bolts, and hinges. Give special attention to the latches and hinges of gates since they are often most susceptible to damage from powerful winds. By making sure all components are tightly secured, you minimize the chance of pieces turning into projectiles or the fence falling over in a storm.

4.     Remove Debris

Natural Concepts fence repair services in Bethlehem also suggest keeping the area around your fence clear of debris that could potentially cause damage during a storm. Regularly rake leaves, trim grass, and remove any fallen branches or objects. Pay special attention to areas where debris tends to accumulate, such as corners or under trees. A clear fence line minimizes the risk of objects being thrown into or damaging your fence during high winds.

5.     Add Reinforcements

To build the resilience of your fence against strong winds, you can strategically install diagonal braces or tension bands between posts. These reinforcements will effectively distribute wind force along the fence line, reducing the risk of panels collapsing. These braces act as anchors and deflect wind pressure into the ground, which fortifies the entire perimeter.

Final Thoughts

Storms and other natural disasters are unpredictable, making preparedness essential. By following these tips, you can strengthen your fence against storm damage, ensuring the safety of your family. If your fence has already suffered damage, make sure you get it repaired by hiring trusted professionals. Get in touch with Natural Concepts fence repair services in Bethlehem. Our skilled fencing specialists have experience installing and maintaining fences of all kinds. Make an appointment today!

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