Quick Set Up, Easy Construction with Silt Fencing

Silt fencing construction service is one of the integral components of perimeter control. At Natural Concept Landscaping & Fencing, we ensure environmental stewardship through effective and affordable silt fencing solutions. As your reliable construction partner, we ensure that our silt fences not only meet but exceed industry standards, providing sheer protection against soil erosion.

Why is Silt Fencing Important?

Silt fencing isn’t just a regulatory requirement; it’s a strategic investment in the health of your project and the surrounding environment. Our silt fences act as sediment control barriers, preventing soil particles from infiltrating water bodies and safeguarding water quality. When you choose Natural Concept, you’re choosing a comprehensive approach to environmental responsibility.

Types of Silt Fencing We Offer

Standard Silt Fence

Crafted from geotextile fabrics, our standard silt fence has a porous design that effectively captures sediment while allowing water to pass through. Reinforced with sturdy stakes, it provides reliable erosion control for various project scales.

Wire-Backed Silt Fence

In challenging terrains, where additional reinforcement is crucial, our wire-backed silt fence comes into play. The galvanized wire mesh enhances stability and strength, making it suitable for sites with uneven topography and heightened erosion risks.

Super Silt Fence

Our super silt fence is engineered for optimal performance for projects with elevated sediment loads and adverse conditions. With a robust combination of heavy-duty geotextile fabric and reinforced support, it offers unparalleled erosion prevention and sediment containment.

Why Do You Need Silt Fencing Service?

Silt fencing construction services is necessary for various situations that may affect regular operations and cause accidents. Our silt fencing solutions help you navigate through multiple soil and landscape challenges quite smoothly.


Sites with Disturbed Soil

Our silt fencing is a critical line of defense on construction sites where soil disturbance is inevitable. It curtails the migration of sediment, preserving the integrity of downstream ecosystems.

Sensitive Ecosystems

Protecting delicate ecosystems demands precision. Our silt fencing is designed to provide a protective barrier, ensuring that construction activities do not compromise the ecological balance of sensitive areas.

Potential Erosion Areas

Identifying and addressing potential erosion areas is crucial. Our silt fencing solutions offer targeted protection, preventing erosion in areas prone to runoff and sediment displacement.

Slope Areas

Sloped terrains present unique challenges. Our silt fences are engineered to adapt to varying slopes, offering stability and preventing the adverse effects of erosion on inclined surfaces.

Guidelines for Silt Fencing

Installation is a technical process that demands precision. Our experts consider soil type, slope gradient, and project specifications to tailor the silt fencing installation for optimal effectiveness. We adhere to industry best practices, ensuring a bespoke solution that aligns with your project’s unique requirements.

Silt Fence Maintenance

Regular upkeep is paramount to sustaining the effectiveness of silt fencing. Our maintenance services encompass routine inspections, repairs, and adjustments, guaranteeing that your project complies with environmental regulations and industry standards.

Install Silt Fence with Natural Concept Landscaping & Fencing

Collaborate for a seamless silt fence service that integrates technical expertise and environmental consciousness. Our experienced team employs advanced techniques and selects materials based on rigorous criteria, ensuring that your silt fencing solution is technically robust and environmentally responsible. Get in touch today and get your site’s inspection report and a free estimate right away.

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