Natural Concept Landscaping & Fencing: Transforming Spaces with Exceptional Split Rail Fencing

Welcome to Natural Concept Landscaping & Fencing, your local split rail fencing company in Vienna, Maryland, where we transform outdoor aesthetics with our distinguished split rail fence installation. Our commitment to excellence and meticulous craftsmanship make us your go-to choice for remodeling your landscape.

Why Choose Split Rail Fencing?

Simple Sophistication

A split rail fence seamlessly blends simplicity with sophistication. Its timeless design adds an elegant touch to any property, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. At Natural Concept, we understand the allure of this classic fencing option and bring you the finest craftsmanship to enhance your outdoor space.

Versatility in Style & Design

Explore the world of split rail fencing with our diverse styles and designs. Whether you prefer a rustic charm or a more contemporary look, our experts will customize the fence to match your aesthetic preferences. We offer versatility that meets your unique vision from two-rail to three-rail configurations.

Less Material, More Savings

One of the standout advantages of a split rail fence lies in its cost-effectiveness. Requiring less material than other fencing types proves to be a budget-friendly option while maintaining durability and aesthetic appeal.


Long-Lasting Durability

Built with rot-resistant wood, split rail fences stand the test of time. Their longevity adds to the overall value, providing a fencing solution that remains sturdy and reliable.

Informal, Natural Elegance

For those who like an informal and unstructured look, split rail fencing offers a natural elegance. Its visual appeal enhances the overall aesthetic of any outdoor space, blending seamlessly with the surrounding environment.

Easy Maintenance

An often-overlooked benefit is the practicality of maintaining the area beneath the fence. Perfect for those who need to trim grass without worrying about damaging the trimmer string due to contact with the fence.

Materials Options

Hardwood Beauty

Add the natural beauty of hardwood with our split rail fences. The durability of hardwood ensures longevity, while the distinct grains and colors add character to your property. Our commitment to quality materials means your fence will withstand the elements and retain its allure for years.

Low-Maintenance Vinyl

Our vinyl split rail fences are the perfect choice for those seeking a hassle-free solution without compromising style. Enjoy the classic look of wood without the upkeep. Our vinyl fences are resistant to weathering, ensuring your landscape stays captivating with minimal maintenance.

Design Options for Split Rail Fence Service

Classic Two-Rail Section

Experience the charm of simplicity with our classic two-rail split rail fencing. Ideal for delineating boundaries and adding a touch of elegance to open spaces, this section is a timeless choice.

Robust Three-Rail Section

When durability is paramount, our robust three-rail split rail fence section steps up to the challenge. Providing enhanced security while maintaining an open feel, this option perfectly balances strength and aesthetics.

Traditional Freestanding Split Pole Fence

The ranch-style charm of the traditional freestanding split pole fence makes it a popular choice for agricultural and aesthetic fencing. Known for its zig-zagging pattern, this type requires no nails or hardware for installation. It’s particularly prevalent in rocky soil areas where creating post openings might pose a challenge.

Mortised Fences

Mortised fences take a different approach by inserting the rails into notched fencing posts. This style, gaining popularity in the United Kingdom and American suburbs, offers a sleek and modern look. The notched design consumes less wood, making it a cost-effective alternative to freestanding posts and batten fences.

Expert Installation for Lasting Impressions

At Natural Concept, we don’t just install fences; we craft visual masterpieces. Our team of skilled professionals ensures precise installation, paying attention to every detail. We provide minimal turnaround time in delivering fences with installation-ready material inventory and in-house technical expertise.

Elevate your outdoor space with Natural Concept Landscaping & Fencing’s split rail fence service. Add simplicity and durability to your outdoors. Let us revamp your landscape, one split rail at a time.

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