Are you a homeowner trying to find a cost-effective split rail fence installation service but are unsure where to begin? There are multiple options for high-quality fences at significantly lower prices. Here are a few excellent fencing options that can provide your property with the necessary security without going over budget.

What is a Split Rail Fence?

A wood fence design known as a split rail fence consists of just two parts. Rails and posts. The fence’s vertical support component is called a post. There are holes machined into each post. However, the fence’s horizontal rail is called the rail, produced using split lumber logs. Post holes are inserted into rails. There are two, three, or four rails in split rail fences.

Split rail fences are constructed from a variety of wooden types. The most prevalent are spruce, cedar, and locust. Split rail fences are simple to install and have a rustic appearance. They work well for boundaries between properties, housing horses and other animals, or just for aesthetic purposes.

Recommended Steps for Fence Installing by Split Rail Fence Installation Services

The split rail fence is among the simplest to install due to its straightforward design. Here are seven building suggestions for split rail fences that will simplify your approach.

  1. Consider putting in a gate with split rails for a simpler installation.
  2. Ensure that your posts are positioned at 10’6″ centers to accommodate the 11-foot rails with overlap when installed in the post.
  3. Space the rails 3″ apart on both sides to prevent them from falling out and to allow for overlap.
  4. Use nails to fasten the ends, corners, and small parts of your rails, with special attention to the terminals to support most of the weight.
  5. Add approximately twenty-five pounds of concrete to each post hole to keep them stable in severe weather conditions.
  6. Make the gate opening 2″ wider than the gate panel’s width to allow for hardware installation.

Why Split Rail Fence Installation Services Are an Affordable Option?

For homeowners on a tight budget looking for an economical yet beautiful fencing alternative, a split rail fence is a great option. This classic type of fencing adds a rustic and endearing touch to any property with its rough-hewn horizontal rails placed into irregular poles. Its widely available materials (such as wood or vinyl) and straightforward design are the main reasons for its affordability.

Benefits of Split Rail Fence Installation Services

Split rail fences are renowned for their durability and minimal upkeep needs, which makes them an excellent long-term investment. In addition to providing safety, the open design of this fencing emphasizes countryside settings and can be tailored with wire to safeguard animals or pets. Split rail fences have a timeless appeal, so whether you live in a suburban location and want to add that country charm to your property, this affordable alternative is one you should think about.


Your home can benefit from fencing, which can provide privacy, security, and aesthetic appeal. Fortunately, homeowners on a tight budget have a wide range of reasonably priced fencing solutions. If you’re looking for reliable split rail fence installation services, reach out to Natural Concepts Landscaping and Fencing. Our team of professionals provides extensive fencing services for you and the safety of your loved ones. Discuss your project with us today!

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